International Union of Instrument & ITT Engineers (IUIITTE)

International Union of Instrument & ITT Engineers (IUIITTE) is non-commercial professional association of scientists, engineers and businessmen who specialize on instrument engineering, radio electronics, IT, telecommunications, and robotics. Its’ headquarters is in Moscow, Russia.  IUIITTE makes expert search for innovative ideas, carries out R&D projects, and promotes them to international high-tech market. It has established technology transfer centers in Russia, and in Germany, and in China.

In cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education IUIITTE has organized more than 100 joint Russian expositions at world prominent high-tech & IT fairs, among them:

* China Hi-Tech Fair, CHTF (Shenzhen, China) 2011-2018, considered to be China’s No.1 technology show

* Open Innovations Forum 2018, (Skolkovo, Moscow), Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development

* China Education Ехро, 2016-2017, (Beijing, China) the Chinese fair acclaimed as the leading event for foreign universities to expand their presence in the world’s potentially largest students recruitment market

* CeBIT, the ever-largest world IT fair (Hannover, Germany) 1994-2015. Joint Russian delegation was its loyal patron till the very end of the CeBIT project

* HANNOVER MESSE (Hannover, Germany) 1994-2003, 2013, 2014 – prominent European industrial fair

* SIMO TCI, SIMO NETWORK (Madrid, Spain) 1994-2012 – IT show for Spanish-speaking regions of the world

as well as IFA (Berlin, Germany) 1999-2003, SYSTEMS (Munich, Germany) 2003, INTERHOSPITAL (Hannover, Germany) 1997, BIOTECHNICA (Hannover, Germany) 2007, SMAU (Milan, Italy) 2000-2002, and also Russian high-tech road-shows, seminars, conferences in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Serbia, Finland and in a few other European and Asian countries.


IUITTEE participates in implementation of the National Project in the Field of Science for 2014—2020, facilitating scientific communications by the means of holding congress and exhibition events in fulfilment of inter-governmental decisions, the partners being Germany, India, China, EU, Japan, France, Serbia, SAR, Vietnam, Cyprus, South Korea, Kirgizia, Venezuela, Indonesia.

In 2014 IUIITTE organized Russia, the Major Guest of Honor participation in Pujian International Innovation Forum (Shanghai, China).

Annually , starting from 2015, IUIITTE holds Russia-China High-Tech Forums, and in cooperation with Council of the Young Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences organizes Young Scientists Forums for Scientific Cooperation. The Russian and Chinese venues interchange to maximize professional networking and scientific ideas exposure.

To promote Russian innovative technologies to international market IUIITTE established German-Russian Technology Center in Hannover (DRZT) and Russian-German Technology Center in Moscow, in 2006. And in 2017, IUIITTE together with Russian and Chinese partners held establishing conference for Russia-China Joint Innovation Center with Headquarters in 4 Cities: Harbin, Shenzhen, Moscow, Ekaterinburg.

IUIITTE implemented several R&D projects in partnership with Russian scientific and research institutions. A number of these projects included sound international contribution.

IUIITTE provides consulting services and organizational and technical support to the Russian companies and scientific institutions in their search for right partner, in finding investors or fundraising, in implementing R&D projects, in high-tech products marketing, including benchmarking.

IUIITTE is multifold awarded with certificates and diplomas by Russian governmental bodies, Russian and international scientific and technical societies, as well as by organizing committees and directing agencies of congresses, exhibitions and fairs.